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Consumers go through a lot when looking for products or services they can buy. A lot of them ask around for referrals or recommendations, mostly within their circle of friends or family. When the ones close to them can’t deliver, their favorite next stops are the journalists, magazines and consumer publications like the Consumer Report magazine.

Online, customer reviews on e-commerce websites drive e-commerce. Consumers go to e-commerce websites to see what other consumers say about the services they need to find. Even traditional hiring websites have a reviews system that guarantees consumers about the quality of providers they might get.

Essay writing companies are the only ones that operate in secrecy apart from a few testimonials on their websites. aims to focus on this industry to enable their consumers enjoy their shopping experience the way mainstream shoppers do.


Students are very important for the survival of the essay writing industry. They spend their hard earned money on these companies when they need someone to not only tackle assignments for them, but also when they need more time to study personally. This implies that, like other consumers, they deserve to be given a fair deal for their moneys.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies can be a double edged sword in the eyes of an average student. A good paper writing company will ensure that whatever assignment the student wants written is written perfectly. On the other hand, a scam essay writing company will not hesitate to steal the students’ money without proper delivery on their obligations. It is up to the student to check out the reputation of the essay writing company beforehand to ensure that their reputation is solid- and that they’re up to task. We are the platform students should call upon while looking for an essay writing service provider.

How we work

We constantly run campaigns where consumers send ratings and comments about various paper writing services. We normally use the ratings they provide to tally a total we can ultimately use to rank some of the best essay writing service providers out there. In addition to this, we also send out some of our investigators to check out essay writing services. Some of the things our team looks out for include the company’s customer support funnel, their payment options, where they get their writers, their discount and freebie structure, among others.